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The Wandering Workshop

Toddler Chair

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Exclusively designed and handcrafted by The Wandering Workshop for A Greener Wood, At the Table is a play set dreamt up with these things in mind - meaningful table conversations, messy food play, wholesome meals, milestone celebrations, first words in writing, and every other moment that makes your heart feel fuzzy.

For a growing family, add Toddler Chair (1 or more!). Beautiful as a statement on a shelf to represent your family, this mini furniture set can also be held in little hands for small world play.

Coloured in soft hues, specially picked out by A Greener Wood and thoughtfully hand-mixed by The Wandering Workshop, At the Table marries the tradition of wood toys with the modernity of clean asymmetrical lines. Tell stories with this heirloom play set and hand it down through generations.