Hello there! We are a husband-and-wife team with two toddlers aged 1 and 3. It has been two humbling years since we first stepped into A Greener Wood, and we have now grown into a team of 10 or so amazing people who share our heartbeat.

As we watched our firstborn develop from a baby to a toddler in her first year, we began to lose ourselves in the mesmerising world of toys. No sooner had we begun than we found ourselves setting up little play spaces at almost every corner of our home. Holding her toys in our hands and witnessing how she engaged in play led us to develop an appreciation for conscious and sustainable toys. Ethical toys, handcrafted by family-run businesses from the world over, riveted us. The thought of wood makers crafting toys, inspired by their own children, started us on this exciting journey with A Greener Wood.
As we spoke with some conscious crafters from different corners of the world, we discovered that they all had one thing in a common - the love of sharing. This lit a tiny spark in our hearts to scour for conscious goods, and to share them with our community. At A Greener Wood, we curate goods for the family we would personally bring into our home. Whether it be for play, wear, eat or learn, we seek to only share the best with you. We hope that those who share our ethos will find something worthwhile to add to your home. 

Thank you for shopping with us and supporting our humble family business.