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Mushie Gift Set for Baby Girl

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Mushie, named after its founder, a mum diagnosed with hyperemesis during her second pregnancy which led her to leave teaching, is a brand best known for its Scandinavian designed silicone baby bibs, handmade pacifier clips, organic muslin swaddles, children's dinnerware and toys.

Here is a selection of our favourite Mushie essentials packed beautifully in an A.G.W. Gift Box for a baby girl you're welcome earth side. This brand gift set includes:

Mushie Crib Pocket - Eucaplytus
Mushie Knitted Baby Blanket - Textured Dots Blush
Mushie Organic Muslin Swaddle - Soft Mauve
Mushie Teether - Cat/Blush
Mushie Nesting Stars Toy
Mushie Pacifier Clip - Cleo