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WAYTOPLAY is more than a toy. It is a Dutch Design original. Each set features easy to connect road segments - straights, curves, parking spaces, roundabouts, junctions and more. Made of high-grade, child-safe rubber, simply roll out an adventure anywhere and anytime, indoors and out - the beach, deep pile carpet or that bumpy garden path, turn any place into your WAYTOPLAY. The open-ended sets can be added to, for endless fun. Let your child find its way to play and become king of the road.

  • designed and made in the Netherlands
  • can be used on almost any surface, indoor or out
  • all sets can be used together/as extension sets

Ringroad measures 170cm in length. It is a a basic set that includes 8 curves, 2 straights, 1 intersection and 1 roundabout (12 pieces in total).

Expressway measures 258cm in length. It is a popular set that includes 8 curves, 6 straights, 1 intersection and 1 roundabout (16 pieces in total).

Highway measures 376cm in length. It is an extended set that includes 12 curves, 8 straights, 2 intersections and 2 roundabouts (24 pieces in total).

King of the Road measures 648cm in length. It is the ultimate dream set that includes 16 curves, 16 straights, 4 intersections and 4 roundabouts (40 pieces in total).

Road to Recovery consists of 7 cardboard pieces and 1 flexible rubber piece that connect perfectly to other flexible roads. It includes 4 curves, 3 straights and 1 very cool square parking (8 pieces in total). It has special striping in yellow and can be doodled on on the back.