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Three Wood

Rainbow Tracing Board

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Rainbow Tracing Board is a board for children of all ages. For young tots who are just beginning to hold tools, this board that includes 2 tracing tools and 2 marbles is perfect for the training fine motor skills. As your little one develops in skill and confidence in using the tracing tool, this board can be used for counting or simply for play. Your child can place wool balls or any sensory items - beans, nuts, rice, pasta - along the rainbow arcs. As the arc transitions from 1 to 10, the colours or materials can change to create a beautiful rainbow.

The wood maker of this learning board has a deep love for wood that has been passed down from generation to generation in his family. It started from his grandfather, then his father and now him. He hopes to keep the passion within the family and hand down the tradition to his son who is now three.

  • handmade in Kyiv, Ukraine
  • made from oak, saturated with and glazed in natural oil
  • natural, sustainable and biodegradable
  • includes 1 rainbow board, 2 tracing tools, 2 marbles and 50 wool balls
  • dimensions: 36cm x 20cm (board)

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