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Number Pebbles

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Encourage a fascination for numbers with these fabulous number pebbles. These popular tactile objects appeal to children’s instinct to explore, investigate, sort and collect. Each pebble is cast from a special stone and resin mix and engraved with a number. These durable, weatherproof pebbles are ideal for use in sand, water and outdoors, and will not fade over time. Safe for age 2+.

Number Pebbles: Number Bonds to 10

  • contains 22 pebbles (two of each of the numbers 0–10)

Number Pebbles: Sum-building Set

  • contains two of each of the numbers 0 to 20, two of operations +, – and =, one of operations x and ÷

Jumbo Number Pebbles
Children will love this hands-on approach to early numeracy using this supersized version of the best-selling Number Pebbles. Perfectly sized for little hands to explore and play with, our Jumbo Number Pebbles are ideal for introducing numbers to young children. Each one is engraved and painted with a number making them highly appealing and tactile. Children will enjoy collecting, sorting and ordering these giant pebbles, leading to rich opportunities for discussion. Cast from a unique stone mix they are tough enough to use throughout an early years setting. They can be used in sand, water and soil, and will not fade over time.

  • contains 22 pebbles made from a resin/stone mix,   two each of numbers 0–10
  • dimensions: between 60 - 73mm