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Midi Crate Lid - Wood

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Put a wooden lid on your crate to transform it to a table top. 

Designed and crafted in collaboration with local wood workers, these handcrafted lids are sturdy and designed to complement the Aykasa Midi Crates. They are finished with wood lacquer or mineral oil for easy cleaning and added resistance to abrasion, water, acids and stains.

  • made in Singapore
  • from State of Matters
  • material: sustainable birch plywood


    What is a Restored Lid?

    • At A Greener Wood, we believe that there is beauty in imperfection too. While fully functional, you may see some marks on the wooden surface of these lids.
    • Some birch plywood sheets come with patches while some do not. These patches (could be butterfly/oval/puzzle shaped) are a snug and flush replacement for naturally occurring knots in the timber. It may have been from a branch growing in that spot or a tear in the thin and fragile veneer.
    • Restored Lids will typically have 1-2 of these patches, or minor scratches on the top side. 
    • With all things natural, there may be markings on the wood and minor aesthetic defects. We think it's a waste to throw these pieces of fully functional wood away, so we decided to shower them with a little more love and craft them into the Restored Lids.

    Do all lids look the same?

    • Birch plywood, similar to solid wood, does not have the same wood grains/patterns on all faces - each piece is unique and different depending on the tree harvested.


    Is the Natural Lid free of scratches or patches?

    • The Natural Lids will not come with scratches or patches on the top side of the lid, but they might come with some of these on the under side.