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A Greener Wood

I'm Starting Nursery Pack

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This pack (valued at $175) is put together specially by the A.G.W. Elves to celebrate a precious milestone of yours. School beckons! Be brave, little darling. For you, we have prepared:

Rain Kids Backpack Mini Deux - Milk Tank to house all your belongings for school
Regular Double-duty Wet Bag - Wild Flowers to help you separate clean and soiled clothes or cloth nappies
Mushie Crib Sheet - Fog for nap time
Soft Swaddle - Miso to be used as a day blanket or towel
Snap Matte Clip Set - Fern/Spice/Burlwood to clip away hair that may tickle your little face

May you have the courage of a lion. School may first seem like an unfamiliar and scary place, but it will soon be a safe space you will enjoy being at. Remember to always be kind wherever you go!