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Coaster Mat

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Meet Coaster - for those that understand mess has no boundaries where children are involved.

This lifesaver was designed to protect the things we love, from the little people we love most! Use as a coaster to weather the feeding times, embrace the play times & protect at all times.

A perfect size for under the high chair, used as a play mat, mess mat (painting/play dough/craft), tablecloth or throw for small kids tables & ottomans or use it to protect the back seat of the car from our furry friends.

These mats were designed with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, featuring soft curved corners, border top-stitch, discreet debossed logo, hang-strap on one side and updated design featuring fully bound edges for a premium look and feel.

Made from premium double sided 100% vegan leather (polyurethane nylon), they are luxuriously soft, extremely durable, scratch/water resistant and simply wipe clean on both sides.

  • designed in Western Australia
  • dimensions: 98 x 98 cm (700g)
  • premium double-sided 100% vegan leather
  • scratch, water and stain-resistant


- clean by shaking off any loose dirt, then wipe clean with a baby wipe or damp rag and gentle cleaner
- avoid sharp objects, permanent markers/pens, acrylic paints or anything with a heavy dye. Some mineral sunscreens as these may stain
- do not machine wash, iron, bleach or dry clean
- ensure your item is dry before storing
- when storing, hang your product instead of folding to reduce crease lines occurring