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Cipher Wheel with Activity Sheets

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Cryptography is an art but also science. It was used in old age as a secure and faster communication method compared to the use of a messenger on a horse.

In our current high-tech world, we no longer see this in plain view, but most of the technology is created based on certain algorithms behind it. We still use some sort of cryptography in concealing and uncovering messages over the internet. Equations and computer coding convert plain, readable data into a format that only can be read by an authorized party. The authorized party has a cipher, commonly known as a key to convert the data into its original form.

Before going into a complex programming and coding for the computer, have your child explore a few methods of Cryptography in a fun way. Children will use this wheel to cipher and decipher words and messages (and in turn learn how to read and write with it).

  • designed by an English and Mandarin tutor
  • includes a wooden cipher wheel, deciphering card and a file of activity sheets (15 pages)
  • activity sheets suitable for 5 years old and above
  • growing approach of play-based learning
  • handcrafted by Indonesian artisans
  • made of solid Indonesian pine wood, kiln dried
  • wooden cipher wheel dimensions: 6 x 6 cm


Tree-specific spots or streaks of wood are not considered as defects as these items are made from natural wood.